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If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get your products on-line we can help.

We work with either Magento or Presta open source systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and in the end it will depend on what you want from the system, the size of your shop and the exact level of features required.

We take an out of the box Magento or Presta instal and by selecting some of the best industry standard templates (which are then adapted to give you the desired look and feel appropriate to your product type) and can produce highly professional and high performing sites within a few weeks.

This approach substantially reduces cost and complexity. Both platforms offer incredible flexibility and particularly with Magento can offer (with the use of plug-ins and add ons) facilities normally only seen on sites that take several months and tens of thousands of pounds to produce.

We provide training and full support.

For more information on the systems used please refer to the links below:



Both systems are Open Source, meaning that the core system is free. However both must be installed on a web server and configured.

Presta is available with many free themes and with the right knowledge of how to install, configure and set up payment systems etc a really high quality shop can be set up quickly.

Magento is virtually unusable "out of the box" and requires either a theme or a bespoke Magento programmer to transform it in to a usable site.

We work with you to select an appropriate theme and then modify the set up to provide a highly professional system.



Call us today to discuss your specific needs. We named the company Solution One because for most clients we are able to provide a one stop solution that can include all their content, photography, web and graphic design, paper based advertising and even social media content.


Responsive WEB Design

Since 2014 we have been developing sites on the responsive Bootstrap platform - sites perform well on all devices.

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We have long term relationships that have helped clients establish their brand and communicate and sell to their markets.

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We can shoot whatever images you need for website, brochures and e-commerce to the highest standards

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We excel at listening, understanding and producing compelling marketing content. Telling people just how good you are can be a challenge many clients struggle with.

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From memorable logos and branding design to print layouts, business cards and letter heads we can act as a one stop shop.

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Solution One Media are able to deliver rich full featured e-commerce systems including product loading and commissioning

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Graphic design

Graphic Design ProjectsOrginal Artwork | Logo design

Print design and

Print Design Content Creation | Page layout | Creative input

Video design, scripting and

Video Projects Design | Script writing | Interview | green screen | 3D

Paul Hyatt

Paul Hyatt Designer, writer, Marketeer & Photographer


Solution One Media has worked with startups and established businesses, the common connection is that they have all needed clear and effective ways of communicating their message to a selected audience.

We have created marketing plans, written content, designed websites and e-commerce sites, designed and managed paper based advertising, produced business documentation and stationary designs (from business cards to full sales brochures) organised print runs and even story boarded and produced video.

Call us today and find out how we can help your business.